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Translating Swift Enum Type into Elixir

We explore how to adapt Swift's indirect enum feature, specifically a Result enum, into Elixir's functional paradigm. Perfect for developers looking to expand their understanding of both Swift and Elixir.

Adding XML support in Phoenix 1.7

It wasn't so obvious how to render XML in Phoenix with the new approach to live views and rendering of templates. This is quick guide on how to do so. This could be wrong at the moment of reading this but always refer to the internet.

Using @discardableResult in Swift

Learn how to safely ignore the result of a function or method in Swift using the @discardableResult attribute.

Mocks and Elixir

Walk through example of testing in elixir using Mox. This examples walks through testing a module that makes API calls to a 3rd party client. It's a long tutorial.

Status Bar Background Color in SwiftUI

In iOS 15 it looks like the status bar default is now to have a transparent background. If you don't like this here is how you can change it.